Oddroad.com is a one-stop platform to find destinations based on your own preferences, discover such places in detail, plan a trip and book your hotels, flights & buses all in one seamless, unique & exciting experience.


Why take the Oddroad?

Oddroad is the first travel site wherein you can find destinations in India (to start with) based on YOUR PREFERENCES!
TERRAINS (mountains, beaches, forests, deserts, islands, etc),
POINTS OF INTEREST (temples, museums, parks, zoo, etc),
ACTIVITIES (trekking, scuba diving, paragliding, camping, etc),
ALTITUDE (sea-level, hills, mountains, high mountains, etc),
... the list goes on & on... & in the blink of your eye, you get your dream destinations that exactly match your preferences.
Moreover, we shall create a complete tailor made itinerary for you till the last step. We travel ourselves to all such places & not just sitting in a hole in the wall & selling insensitively.

How does it work?

We have researched destinations across the length & breadth of the country to cater to your specific interests like activities, points of interest, themes, terrain, etc..
Once you choose your preferred destinations, we work out a detailed itinerary based on your interests, budget & timelines.

How is it different from any other travel portal?

Any existing travel portal falls under one or more of the following categories Ticket/Packages Booking Sites: These are transactional sites wherein the user books flights, hotels, buses, packages, etc Review Sites: These are sites wherein the user can browse through reviews submitted by fellow travellers for hotels, etc Information Sites: These are sites which provide useful information about destinations Now, all these sites either assume where you would like to go OR tell you where to go. Oddroad.com is the first travel portal where you can discover destinations based on YOUR preferences (not theirs’!)

Is Oddroad reliable?

All data in Oddroad is fact based (like terrain, altitude, activities, etc) & not perception based. Moreover we are continuously researching our existing & new destinations to ensure that you get reliable information that you can trust.

Which places does Oddroad cover?

Currently Oddroad covers over 1000 destinations. We are working day & night to conquer the world!

Can I plan my holiday using Oddroad?

Of course! It's quite simple… you choose your destinations & leave the rest to us… we shall tailor-make it till the last step!

Can I book my travel & stay on my own by using Oddroad?

Yes you can. Just choose your destinations, go to the Plan page & start booking your travel & stay… but why bother when we are there to do that!