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Kamrup , Assam

This place is extremely famous for the amount of religious significance that it holds. That too not for one but for three of the greatest religions in the world. This ancient pilgrimage centre lies on the banks of the river Brahmaputra in the state of Assam. The place is dotted with some very sacred and ancient temples. There are so many that while in Hajo you will surely lose count. There have been many dynastries which have ruled this place and each of them seem to leave their mark through religious architecture, Hajo is the one place which will compel you to appreciate its historical and religious value. Hayagriva Madhava Temple is situated on the Monikut hill. It is a stone temple and it enshrines an image of Hayagriva Madhava. Some Buddhists believe that the Hayagriva Mahhava temple, best known in the group of Hindu temples, is where the Buddha attained Nirvana. Thus it is a wonderful merging of both the faiths and elevates this temple to a completely different level of divinity. The rows of elephants are seen on the body of the temple and they are fine specimens of Assamese art. This is a temple which teaches both Buddhism and Hinduism and thus attracts monks and priests alike. Hajo is also a Muslim pilgrimage centre since the mosque known as the Poa Mecca is thought to have some of the sanctity of Mecca. It is said that Powa Mecca was constructed from the soil that was brought from the city of Mecca itself. Built in the era of Shah Jahan this is considered to be one of the holiest mosques in the country and thus attracts devotees from all over the country to it. A place ofsuch religious value, Hajo is a place that should be visited by all for the harmony it shows in all the faiths existing together.

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Places of Interest

  • Hayagriva Madhava Temple

    "Hayagriva Madhava Temple (Assamese: ???????? ???? ??????) is situated on the Monikut hill.[1] The hill is situated in Hajo of Assam which is around 30 km to west of Guwahati.[1] The present temple structure was constructed by the King Raghudeva Narayan in 1583.[2] According to some historians the King of Pala dynasty constructed it in 6th century. It is a stone temple and it enshrines an image of Hayagriva Madhava. Some Buddhists believe that the Hayagriva Mahhava temple, best known in the group of Hindu temples, is where the Buddha attained Nirvana. At this imposing temple, the presiding deity is worshipped as the Man Lion incarnation of Vishnu by the Hindus. It is a stone temple and it enshrines an image of Hayagriva Madhav. The rows of elephants are seen on the body of the temple and they are fine specimens of Assamese art. There is a big pond known as Madhab Pukhuri near the temple. Doul, Bihu and Janmastami festivals are celebrated every year in the temple. Moreover this temple preaches both Hinduism and Buddhism, which attract Buddhist Monks from far flung places. Sayani, the first wife of Kalia Bhomora Borphukan donated a family of paiks and also a plot of land for their maintenance to the Hayagriva Madhava temple during the reign of Ahom king Kamaleswar Singha"

    Hayagriva Madhava Temple

  • Powa Mecca

    "Hajo Powa Mecca is a popular pilgrim hub in Hajo and is known for having sanctity similar to the Mecca. Claimed to have been built by the sol from the city of Mecca itself, the mosque was built by Sujauddin Mohammed Shah in 1657 AD. The mosque is located on the Garurachal hill and a tomb of Pir Giasuddin Auliya is also located here."

    Powa Mecca

  • Kamesware Temple


    Kamesware Temple

  • Joy Durga Temple

  • Ganesh Temple

    "The Ganesh Temple is also called Deva Bhavana and is considered as one of the important attractions of Hajo. According to a legend, this place was once the meeting point of all deities."

    Ganesh Temple

  • Dhoparguri Satra

    "Dhoparguri Satra was constructed by Madhavdeva in 1587. At the time of its construction, this satra had only three rooms; however, it now has many holy spots like the Gokrana, Vikrana and Swargdwar."

    Dhoparguri Satra

  • Kedareswar Temple

    "Kedareswar Temple, one of the eight Astasambhu Temples, is near the Mukteswar Temple, in Bhubaneswar, Orissa. The presiding deity is Lord Shiva, referred to locally by the name 'Kedareshwar'. It is in the precinct of Kedara-Gouri on the right side of the road leading to Puri from Bhubaneswar and at a distance of 40 metres south of Muktesvara. It is one of the ten monuments within the precinct. It is the main temple of the complex. The temple is facing south and the enshrined deity is a circular yonipitha made of sandstone. The linga at the centre is missing. The sanctum is 2.5 square meters which is 0.8 meters below the present ground. It stands near the yard of the Mukteswar Temple."

    Kedareswar Temple


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