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Thrissur , Kerala

Guruvayur is a town in kerala which is famous because it houses the huge Guruvayur Shree Krishna temple. This is the fouth largest temple in India in terms of the number of devotees that visit it every single day. Thus you can understand the importanc of this religious destination and hence the importance of a town like Guruvayur. It is a temple which dates back 5000 years. So old it is that there is no record as to who actually established this temple. This temple has very little written about it though there are some really old mentions of this temple in the texts. This temple is considered as the holy abode of the Lord Vishnu on Earth. The divine idol installed here represents the enchanting form of Sree Krishna endowed with the four lustrous arms carrying the conch Panchajanya, the discus Sudarshana Chakra, the mace Kaumodaki and the lotus. This is quite a wonderful idol of the Lord and it has its own attraction all over the country. There are a number of festivals that are held in this temple. On one of these holy Ekadasi a memorial honour for Gajarajan Kesavan is conducted in Guruvayur. The Karanavar or head of the elephant family places a wreath at the statue of Kesavan in front of Sreevalsam guest house and all the other elephants stand around and pay obeisance. This is quite an unforgettable sight to behold and it enchants every one who visits this place. Chembai Sangeetholsavam is an annual Carnatic music festival held in Guruvayur and is another time of great festivities to visit this place. The temple is worth the visits that it gets everyday and every person should be a part of such reverence.

Distance / Time Current Temperature Mean Rainfall Altitude Population Best Times Min Hotel tariff
km / Hrs 31.0°C /88.0°F 234 mm 17feet 21187.0 /km2 Jan-Dec Coming Soon


Places of Interest

  • Devaswom Museum

    "Devaswom museum,located very close to the Guruvayur temple's east gate, houses a large collection of antiques, temple materials, mural paintings, musical instruments and other valuable materials. The Devaswom museum also serves as a place to store valuable offerings in the temple & jewelry used to adorn elephants during the Guruvayur festival. \nDevaswom museum also displays images and remains of famous religious poets like Melapthur and Poonthanam, along with adornments used in folk arts like Krishnanattam and Kathakali."

    Devaswom Museum

  • Institute of Mural Painting

    "Institute of Mural painting established in 1989 is managed by Guruvayur Devaswom. This institute was founded by renowned master of mural painting, Shri Mammiyoor Krishnankutty. The institute is located at the east gate of the Guruvayur temple. \nThis institute follows a traditional Gurukula system with residential facilities for the students. It offers many courses for art loving students. The courses offered include five year diploma courses in mural painting, aesthetics, sculpture and art. This institute arranges exhibitions, seminars and training related to the art and culture of Kerala. Many students from Kerala and other states undergo training here."

    Institute of Mural Painting

  • Chamundeswari Temple

    "The Chamundeshwari Temple (???? ???????????? ????????) is located on the top of Chamundi Hills about 13 km from the palace city of Mysore in the state of Karnataka in India.[1] The temple was named after Chamundeshwari or Durga, the fierce form of Shakti, a tutelary deity held in reverence for centuries by Mysore Maharajas."

    Chamundeswari Temple

  • Guruvayurappan Temple

    "Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple (Malayalam: ??????????? ????????, Tamil: ?????????? ??????) is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Krishna (an avatar of the god Vishnu), located in the town of Guruvayur in Kerala, India. It is one of the most important places of worship for Hindus of Kerala and is often referred to as \"Bhuloka Vaikunta\"[2] which translates to the \"Holy Abode of Vishnu on Earth\". However, even though the shrine is considered to be one of the holiest spots for Vaishnavites (Vishnu followers), the temple is not a part of the famous 108 Divya Desams temple list.\nBoard depicting non-Hindus are not allowed inside the temple\nThe presiding deity in the Sanctum sanctorum of the Guruvayur Temple is Lord Vishnu, worshipped in the form of Lord Krishna, his avatar. The central icon is a four-armed standing Lord Krishna carrying the conch Pancajanya, the discus Sudarshana Chakra, the mace Kaumodaki and a lotus with a Holy basil garland. This image represents the majestic form of Vishnu as revealed to Krishna's parents Vasudeva and Devaki around the time of Krishna's birth; hence Guruvayur is also known as \"Dwarka of South India\". He is currently worshipped according to routines laid down by Adi Shankara and later written formally in the tantric way, the inter-religious spiritual movement that arose in medieval India, by Cennas Narayanan Nambudiri (born in 1427). The Cennas Nambudiris are the hereditary tantris of the Guruvayur Temple.[3]\nThe temple (puja) routines are strictly followed. The tantri (high priest) is available full-time at the Temple to ensure this. The Melsanti (Chief Priest) enters the sanctum sanctorum at 2:30 in the morning and does not drink anything up to the completion of \"noon worships\" at 12:30 PM.[4]"

    Guruvayurappan Temple

  • Harikanyaka Temple

    "Harikanyaka Temple is located at Ariyanoor, a neighboring hamlet of Guruvayur. It is believed that this ancient temple was constructed by Perumthachan. This is a preserved structure and is maintained by Archaeological Survey of India. \nThe prime deity of the temple is Harikanyaka meaning \"a virgin form of Lord Vishnu\". Mythology connects Lord Ayyappa as the son of Harikanyaka and Lord Shiva. Present day Ariyannur, earlier known as Harikanyakapuram was the head of 32 deshams. \nThe temple celebrates a 15 day festival during the months of March-April every year. Thousands of devotees visit this temple every year."

    Harikanyaka Temple

  • Nava Mukunda Temple

    "Tirunavaya Temple is a historically significant ancient Hindu temple on the banks of the River Bharata dedicated to Nava Mukundan Vishnu with the other deities like Ganesha, and Lakshmi.[1] It is located near the ancient Hindu pilgrimage centre of Tirunavaya, a village 8 km south of Tirur in the Malappuram district of Kerala state, India. The temple was the traditional venue for the historic ritual of the Mamankam festival, an enactment of traditional martial arts by suicide squads.The temple was attacked first during Tipu Sultan's invasion in 18th century and later in 1921 during the Moplah rebellion.[2]"

    Nava Mukunda Temple

  • Venkitachalapathy Temple

    "Venkatachalapathy temple is located near the Parthsarathy temple in Guruvayur. The prime deity here is Lord Venkatachalapathy, a form of Lord Vishnu. Devotees believe that visiting this temple & praying to the residing Lord, will bring happiness & prosperity in their lives. \nThe temple attracts devotees in large numbers. Located in the backdrop of lush greenery & unpolluted environs, the scenic surroundings adds to the beauty of the temple."

    Venkitachalapathy Temple

  • Elephant Camp

    "Dubare is known for its elephant camp, a forest camp on the banks of the river Kaveri in the district of Kodagu, Karnataka. It is an important base for the Karnataka Forest Department's elephants.\nThe elephants for the Mysore Dussehra were trained at Dubare elephant camp[citation needed]. At present, after logging operations have ceased, the elephants have been practically retired except for giving some rides to tourists.[1]\nIn addition to the elephant training camp, Nisargadhama[clarification needed] and Veerabhoomi[clarification needed] are the other main attractions of the forest area.\nThere are opportunities for trekking, elephant rides, fishing, and river rafting. These activities are hosted by jungle lodges and resorts. The Forest Department also conducts some treks along well-defined routes."

    Elephant Camp


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