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Alwar , Rajasthan

The fact that Alwar was a princely state is evident in many of its nooks and corners. Amidst the craggy and jagged rocks of the Aravalli range, Alwar is a pretty little town and a pretty little sight. This place has a very rich history which dates back to the 1500 BC and it gained a seat of great prominence for its art in the princely era. You may know it better as Mewat in your history books. Alwar is a city of majestic monuments which are all steeped in great history and culture and some panoramic destinations which will always manage to enthral all its tourists. This is one small town which is absolutely great for holidaying. You will never get tired or bored of exploring it. One of the prominent location in all the tourist itineraries, it is naturally adorned with beautiful water bodies and filled with exotic birds. The fairy queen train which goes through the length and breadth of the is one journey that should be taken. The gorgeous valleys and stunning façades look more marvelous when watched through the minuscule glass windows of the moving train. As the sights zoom past you realise a holiday such as this is nothing but a must. The shopping buffs can try their luck in the local markets where they would be provided with a variety of artifacts ranging from colourful bangles to double dyed saris. Roaming through the old boulevards of this historic town would definitely fetch one with unforgettable memories. As Jaipur is the nearest airport and train station, the trip should be planned from there. It is an active tourist destination and all necessities will be available in Alwar.

Distance / Time Current Temperature Mean Rainfall Altitude Population Best Times Min Hotel tariff
km / Hrs 26.0°C /79.0°F 49 mm 921feet 160245.0 /km2 Jan-Mar,Aug-Dec Coming Soon


Places of Interest

  • City Palace

    "City Palace, Jaipur, which includes the Chandra Mahal and Mubarak Mahal palaces and other buildings, is a palace complex in Jaipur, the capital of the Rajasthan state, India. It was the seat of the Maharaja of Jaipur, the head of the Kachwaha Rajput clan. The Chandra Mahal palace now houses a museum but the greatest part of it is still a royal residence. The palace complex, which is located northeast of the centre of the grid patterned Jaipur city, incorporates an impressive and vast array of courtyards, gardens and buildings. The palace was built between 1729 and 1732, initially by Sawai Jai Singh II, the ruler of Amber. He planned and built the outer walls, and later additions were made by successive rulers right up to the 20th century. The credit for the urban layout of the city and its structures is attributed to two architects namely, Vidyadar Bhattacharya, the chief architect in the royal court and Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob, apart from the Sawai himself who was a keen architectural enthusiast. The architects achieved a fusion of the Shilpa Shastra of Indian architecture with Rajput, Mughal and European styles of architecture.[1][2][3][4][5]"

    City Palace

  • City Palace Museum

    "City Palace forms one of the most famous tourist attractions and a major landmark in Jaipur. The beautiful palace was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh during his reign. Among the various forts and palaces of Jaipur, City Palace stands apart, with its outstanding art and architecture.This sprawling complex, with its gorgeous buildings and marvelous collection of art and artifacts is without parallel in Rajasthan. A major part of the 'City Palace' now consists of the 'Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum'. It is also the residence of the Jaipur Royal Family."

    City Palace Museum

  • Clock Tower

    "Clock towers are a common sight in many parts of the world with some being iconic buildings like the one in London commonly called 'Big Ben' (although it is correctly called the Elizabeth Tower as Big Ben is the bell inside the tower). Clock towers are a specific type of building which houses a turret clock and has one or more clock faces on the upper exterior walls. Many clock towers are freestanding structures but they can also be adjoining or on top of another building. The tallest clock tower in the world is the recently constructed Makkah Clock Royal Tower, standing 601 m or 1,971 feet high."

    Clock Tower

  • Fateh Jung ka Gumbaj

  • Jai Pol

    "Jai Pol or Jaya Pol (which means \"the gate of victory??) is one of the historic structures in the magnificent Fort Mehrangarh in Jodhpur. It is the most famous of the seven gates in the imposing fort. It is situated in a hill about 5 km from Jodhpur city. \nJai Pol is constructed in 1806, by Maharaja Man Singh, the then ruler of the kingdom of Marwar. This gate is constructed to celebrate the victory of Marwar over the neighbouring rival kingdoms of Jaipur and Bikaner after fierce battles. In the wall near the gate, scars made by cannon balls from the old battle can still be seen"

    Jai Pol

  • Moosi Maharani ki Chhatri

  • Moti Doongri

    "A favourite hot spot of the tourist folk, Moti Doongri is famous for its swanky palace, the Ganesh and Lakshmi Narayan temples. The palace at the uphill was a small fortress earlier and it was renovated by Sawai Man Singh II. It was the residence of the Rajmatha, Gayathri Devi. Monti Doongri palace is built in the style of a Scottish castle and its peculiar architecture is worth mentioning. \nSince this is a private property of the royal family public are not allowed to go inside the palace. Monti Doongri palace was used to be the venue of great parties during the time of Sawai Man Singh II. Ganesh temple at the foot of the hill allures not only the devotees but also the sightseer with its picturesque settings. Another fascinating attraction is the Birla Mandir, which embarrasses the tourists with its sheer beauty."

    Moti Doongri

  • Tripolia

  • Vijai Mandir Palace

    "Situated on the suburbs of the town, the lovely Mansion called Vijai Mandir Palace is glittering with its royal elegance. Built in the year 1918, this royal palace also is the offspring of Maharaja Jayasingh, one of the innovative rulers among the Alwar kings. \nA palatial mansion, which encompasses 105 fabulously ornamented rooms, Vijai Mandir Palace proffers an arresting gorgeousness. A beautiful garden with an undulating lake is an added attraction to its majestic charm. Another conspicuous feature of Vijay Mandir is that it houses a temple dedicated to Lord Ram. Here the main deity is seen accompanied by his consort Sita. During Ramnavami celebrations, the temple premises would be overcrowded with the ram devotees. \nSince there are family disputes over the ownership, visitors are not provided with the great privilege to have a glimpse of this splendid citadel."

    Vijai Mandir Palace

  • Vinay Vilas Palace (RR College)

  • Company Bagh

    "Nana Rao Park / Company Bagh (Hindi: ???? ??? ????? / ?????? ????, ?????? ) is a public city park in Kanpur city, the industrial hub of Uttar Pradesh in North India. It was earlier known as Memorial Well and commemorated the British women and children who had been massacred in a building on the site and their bodies dumped into a well in the grounds during the Indian Rebellion of 1857."

    Company Bagh

  • Jai Samand Lake

    "Dhebar Lake (also known as Jaisamand Lake) is Asia's second-largest artificial lake (is considered largest now, since the Upper lake in Bhopal, India is the largest artificial lake in Asia, but is almost dried up due to lack of rainfall).[citation needed] It is located in the Udaipur District of Rajasthanstate in western India. It has an area of 87 km2 (34 sq mi) when full, and was created in the 17th century when Rana Jai Singh of Udaipur built a marble dam across the Gomati River. It is 45 km from District head quarter of Udaipur. When first built, it was the largest artificial lake in the world. The surrounding Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary around Dhebar Lake can be reached by the state highway to Baswara from Udaipur. It is 27 km from Parsad (A village on National Highway No. 8). The Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary protects 162 sq kms, mostly teak forest, on the shores of Dhebar Lake. The lake has a total number of 3 islands measuring from 10 to 40 acres (160,000 m2) each. The Dhebar Lake Marble Dam is 300 Meters long and is a part of the \"Heritage Monuments of India\". The dam also has the Hawa Mahal Palace, winter Capital of the erstwhile Maharana's of Mewar."

    Jai Samand Lake

  • Sagar

    "Sagar District is a district of Madhya Pradesh state in central India. The town of Sagar serves as its administrative center.\nThe district has an area of 10,252 sq kms, and a population of 2,021,783 (2001 census), a 23% increase from its 1991 population of 1,646,198. Sagar is bounded by Lalitpur District of Uttar Pradesh state to the north, and the Madhya Pradesh districts of Chhatarpur to the northeast, Damoh to the east, Narsinghpur to the south, Raisen to the southwest, Vidisha to the west, and Ashoknagar to the northwest. Sagar district is dominated by Yadavs.[1]"


  • Siliserh Lake

  • Karni Mata Temple

    "Karni Mata Temple (Hindi: ???? ???? ?????) is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Karni Mata at Deshnoke, 30km from Bikaner, in Rajasthan, India. It is also known as the Temple of Rats.\nThe most intriguing aspect of the temple is the 20,000-odd rats that call this temple home. These holy rats are called kabbas, and many people travel great distances to pay their respects. The temple draws visitors from across the country for blessings, as well as curious tourists from around the world."

    Karni Mata Temple

  • Kalakand Market

    "What makes the Kalakand market so special is a sweet dish, which tempts everybody with its rich aroma. This sweet is so renowned for its excellent taste that even a street is named after this particular dish. One of the interesting facts about this dish is that it uses meat as one of its ingredients. \nFlanked with a large number of small and large sized shops, Kalakand Market provides finest handicrafts and Jewellery items. It is interesting to note that on Tuesdays all the shops in the market would be closed. A large expansion is covered under the area as market, which is popularly called by different names like Sarafa Bazar, Bazaza Bazar, Hope Circus, Kedalgunj Bazar and Malakhera Bazar."

    Kalakand Market

  • Naldeshwar

    "The land of warriors cannot be spared by places of worship. The temples of Rajasthan are a class apart and the temple of Naldeshwar near Sariska is a masterpiece. The temple is located at some distance off the highway joining Sariska to Alwar. The temple itself has to be approached on foot after reaching the alighting point on the highway. The Naldeshwar shrine is dedicated to and houses an old Mahadev (Lord Shankar/ Shiva) temple. The shrine is surrounded by thick greenery and the walk to the shrine and the time spent in this pristine environment is worth every second spent. The thick forest cover, the 18th century temple and the peaceful natural habitat brings out the spiritual best from every visitor."



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