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Kanpur , Uttar Pradesh

One of the most populous cities in India and a major industrial hub, Kanpur is that city in Uttar Pradesh which is growing at such a pace that it is difficult to catch up with it. The Industrial capital of the state, this is the city which makes the whole state proud. Over the past years, the city has developed to an important centre of textile, leather, electronics, chemicals, food processing, automobiles, communication, real estate, information technology, aerospace, engineering and heavy industries. This is also one of the cities which have incredible infrastructure. With multiplexes, malls and townships coming up everywhere you truly get the taste of a city when you enter Kanpur. This is no quiet serene place for you to contemplate in. This is a place which makes you realise that cities are truly concrete jungles. The history of Kanpur actually started in the 13th century when it was established. Kanpur today houses one of the premiere IIT institutes and is a major educational hub. A place which have been ruled by many kings, it shot to prominence during the struggle for independence. It was an absolute hothouse for the Independence struggle and have contributed to it immensely. A more or less mixed culture due to the rapid urbanisation, Kanpur is a city which is working on itsfull capacity. In fact it is increasing a bit of its capacity to accommodate more. This place will definitely give you an idea of the workings of a city.

Distance / Time Current Temperature Mean Rainfall Altitude Population Best Times Min Hotel tariff
km / Hrs 26.0°C /79.0°F 76 mm 426feet 1366.0 /km2 Jan-Mar,Oct-Dec Coming Soon

Places of Interest

  • Kamla Retreat

    "The Kamala Retreat lies in close proximity to the Allen Forest Zoo and is owned by the Singhania family. This is a museum resort with various historical and archaeological artifacts on display. Those interested in visiting the museum may do so with prior permission from the Deputy General Manager, Kamla Tower, Kanpur. \n\nKamla retreat is one of the happening areas of Kanpur best suited for family gatherings, outdoor activities and picnics. With activities like swimming and boating, this retreat is a total entertainment hub for relaxation. With a zoo close by, an entire fun-filled day can be spent at this place in Kanpur."

    Kamla Retreat

  • Nana Rao Park

    "Nana Rao Park / Company Bagh (Hindi: ???? ??? ????? / ?????? ????, ?????? ) is a public city park in Kanpur city, the industrial hub of Uttar Pradesh in North India. It was earlier known as Memorial Well and commemorated the British women and children who had been massacred in a building on the site and their bodies dumped into a well in the grounds during the Indian Rebellion of 1857."

    Nana Rao Park

  • Phool Bagh

    "Ganesh Vidyarthi Udyan / Phool Bagh (Hindi: ???? ?????????? ?????? / ??? ????, ?????? ) is an urban city park in Kanpur city, the industrial hub of Uttar Pradesh in North India. It has been the location for many public meetings and political rallies in Kanpur from early twentieth century.While the park was originally very well maintained, in recent years it has suffered decline as an enjoyable park and as one of the large open air living spaces of Kanpur city. Many politicians conduct their rallies here but the park is poorly maintained due to lack of public funds.\nThe traditional greenery of the park has been destroyed in recent years by local politicians and often it is used as a sewage dumping ground."

    Phool Bagh

  • Allen Forest Zoo

    "Allen Forest Zoo (Hindi: ?????? ????????? / ?????? ?????? ??????, also called the Kanpur Zoo) is a 77-hectare (190-acre) zoo in Kanpur, the industrial hub of Uttar Pradesh in North India. It is the largest open green space in kanpur. Originally a natural habitat for fauna, it is one of the few zoos in India which were created in a natural forest.\nThe Allen Forest Zoo is located about two kilometers from the city's center.[2] In earlier colonial records it is mentioned as being close to Nawabganj, some distance away from Bithoor. Currently, the zoo is nearby the Azad nagar locality of Kanpur. The zoo is an oasis of green, a natural lake, and ancient trees, and encompasses the largest land area of any zoological garden in Asia. The zoo is open for visitors on all days from 9 to 4.30, barring Monday. Given the vast spread, private four-wheeler vehicles are also allowed inside the zoo on payment of extra charges. Plastic bags are strictly banned inside zoo, even water is provided via coolers and not bottles. The name of first appointed doctor of zoo was Dr. Ashwani Kumar Tripathi, he joined in 1975, was in team who bought modern technology to keep animals fit and healthy."

    Allen Forest Zoo

  • Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

    "Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary is a bird sanctuary on the Kanpur-Lucknow road in Uttar Pradesh, India consisting of a lake and the surrounding environs. The sanctuary provides protection for 250 species of migratory birds mostly from CIS (or formerly USSR) countries, but the numbers have been dwindling since the 1990s, most having relocated to newer areas in Himachal and Rajasthan. The sanctuary also houses a deer garden."

    Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

  • Bhitargaon Temple

    "Bhitargaon is a town in Kanpur district, Uttar Pradesh, India, known for its ancient Hindu temple.The Bhitargaon Temple is a terraced brick building fronted with a terracotta panel. Built in the 6th century during the Gupta Empire, it is the oldest remaining terracotta Hindu shrine with a roof and a high Sikhara, though its upper chamber did sustain some damage in the 18th century.\nThe temple is built on a square plan with double-recessed corners and faces east. There tall pyramidal spire over teh garbhagriha. The walls are decorated with terracotta panels depicting aquatic monsters, Shiva and Vishnu etc. When Cunningham first visited the site, the remains of the porch and of the ardhamandapa were still visible, which later collapsed."

    Bhitargaon Temple

  • Jain Glass Temple

    "The Jain Glass temple, one of the attractive tourist spots in Kanpur, is a temple dedicated to Jainism. Constructed in the traditional old style of architecture, this temple is completely built in glass, beautifully adorned and decorated with intricate designs in enamel and glass. One can view the mind-blowing spread of ornate mirror work in and around the temple on the walls, floors and ceilings. The stained glass murals and paintings depict the Jain scriptures. \nMainly dedicated to the disciples and followers of Lord Mahavira, the temple houses the statues of Lord Mahavira and the 23 Jain Tirthankaras on a huge pedestal."

    Jain Glass Temple

  • Patthar Ghat

    "Kanpur is a place of religious and traditional attractions. Located near the city is a center of Hindu pilgrimage, known as Brahmavarta or Bithoor. Patthar Ghat is situated on the bank of the Ganges in Bithoor. The Patthar Ghat, built of red stone by Tikait Rai the minister of Awadh state, is a bathing place for the devotees. The structure of Patthar Ghat is an example of excellent ancient architecture in the history of India. A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva stands on the Ghat and is visited by devotees and pilgrims. The unique aspect of this temple is the shivalinga made of philosopher's stone or Kasauti as known locally."

    Patthar Ghat

  • Shri Radhakrishna Temple

    "The Radha Krsna Temple, or now more commonly Radha Krishna Temple, was the headquarters of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness in London from the late 1960s. The Temple came to prominence when The Beatles, and especially George Harrison, started to publicly express their interest in Eastern philosophy and Krishna consciousness. The Radha Krsna Temple is also the name of an album of devotional music issued by the Temple on The Beatles' Apple Records label, produced by Harrison.[1]"

    Shri Radhakrishna Temple

  • Valmiki Ashram

    "A Balmiki temple is called an Ashram, which means a hermitage or monastery. It is the communal house for Balmikis. The function of the Ashram is to serve as a center for building up the commitment of devotee's and for transmitting the Ramayana's message, and the focal point for the whole community to preserve their culture and traditions.\nFor Balmikis communal prayer is not restricted to the confines of the Ashram, but can in fact take place anywhere as long as The Ramayana is present. However, when an Ashram is not within traveling distance many Balmiki families will have a copy of the Ramayana in a special room at their house which can be used for worship.\nWhen an Ashram is not available Balmikis will hire a public building or use an individual's house as an Ashram."

    Valmiki Ashram


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